Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things are starting to get back... a somewhat normal routine in the house again.

In the morning, I follow the herd o' kitties down the stairs to the kitchen for their food. It's quite hysterical seeing six of them vying for the food dish (they were twisted around each other in a bizarre spiral).

In the evening when I come home, I'm usually greeted by three: Nermle, Boo, and Phoebe. Then again, Nermle follows me around like a puppy dog and even sleeps by my feet when I'm at my desk. Usually I trip over Loki on the stairs. The guy is so big he has to squeeze in to fit on the step!

At night, the bed is crammed to the gills. Now we've got Fizzy, Dharma, Bailey, Monkee, and Phoebe all trying to squeeze in with us. Usually Bear and I end up in a contorted mess trying to sleep around them.

I don't mind though. I'm just glad things are starting to get back to normal.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank you...

...everybody for all the kind words after Kukai's passing.

We're all still adjusting here. It has been so stressful losing two cats in two months. I honestly feel numb right now. We decided to not get any new kitties (eight IS enough) and just focus our attentions on the ones we have.

The cats must have known things were wrong with Bomber and Kukai because they are finally getting back to their old selves. Fizzy, who has been lurking for the past couple of months in the living room, is back to being social and mobile around the house. Bailey is getting around more and is spending a LOT more time with me in my office and in the bedroom. Once again, at night both my husband and I are fighting for our spots on the bed amongst a whole slew of kitties.

I will keep posting up stuff as often as I can. However, with the new semester starting and me hogging the computer, I don't know how often the kitties will get to voice their opinions/rants. I'll make sure it's not too little as I know they have a lot to say.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Some days, when life gets too stressful, we all need to reevaluate our priorities. Sometimes, spending a Saturday curled up in bed is a Good Thing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goodbye My Friend

Later today we're going to help Kukai cross the Rainbow Bridge. He just is losing too much weight and he can't keep the food inside of him long enough for it to do any good. The poor little guy is so weak that we decided it was time. I will miss you little buddy.

Go play with Ayla and Moose and be free from your pain.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on Kukai

We're a bit worried about Kukai. He had stopped eating again so we brought him to the vet on Friday. Dr. Bob wasn't too optimistic about his future. While we're still not sure what is wrong with him, it is taking his toll. He's still under 4lbs no matter what we feed him.

Right now, we have him back on the appetite stimulants and Hills R/S food, which is the prescription diet given to cats recovering from surgery to get them eating. It is stinky as all hell but Kukai is willing to eat it. However, Dr. Bob thinks that he may only have a few weeks left. He said that at his age, it is more about making him comfortable.

One point that Dr. Bob made that really hit home was we really don't know how old he was. The shelter where I adopted him from said he was a year old but they couldn't find any paper work on him. Dr. Bob thinks he's quite a bit older than the 12 1/2 years I believe he is. I really hate it when shelters do that. Even if he was five years old when I adopted him, I still would have taken him. I was specifically looking for a Japanese Bobtail and I fell in love with the little shit the minute I saw him (sorry, he is a little shit but in a good way). If he is 15 or 16 years old, it would explain a lot.

On the bright side, Boo is doing a lot better. The antibiotics are doing their job and he's back to normal. No more blowing green snot everywhere. Big cats are great, but everything about them is big as well, including the snot. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not again

We had to bring Boo to the vet yesterday. He was once again suffering from a head cold the poor guy. This time, though, he was blowing out green snot which means he needed antibiotics. As Dr. Country Bob did his exam, he noted to me that he was losing weight. It has been a gradual decline of about 1 1/2lbs over the past two years. Dr. Bob decided it would be a good idea to do the full blood panel "just in case." I got the results this morning and everything is fine thankfully.

If Boo was sick I don't know what I would do. Things have been so hard over the past eighteen months. First we lost Ayla, then we lost Bomber on Thanksgiving, and Kukai is struggling to keep some weight on him. If Boo had something like kidney failure or cancer I think I would have lost it.

Bear and I wondered if it might be the house. We've been here for two years and we lost two cats to cancer and now one has thyroid issues. However, the other cats seem to be flourishing. Both Loki and Bailey are not skinny kitties and all of the young 'uns are incredibly active. We also give them top notch food so that isn't it either. Our brood, though, is getting older so that is probably what is causing the issues.

Kukai is back on the appetite stimulant and he's eating up a storm. He's also really tolerating the sweater which is really surprising. I just hope it's keeping him somewhat warm.

Friday, January 09, 2009

My New Sweater

I never would have thought I would say this, but I'm happy mom got me a sweater. I've been so cold lately, especially since I've lost so much weight. This morning, she got me this nice blue sweater. Technically it's a doggie sweater but I look much better in it than a dog. She also got me a heated kitty bed to keep my piddies warm. Of course the big dumb Maine Coons will try to take it from me but mom got it for ME! I'm going to make sure I get the warmest spot.

Here is a picture of me with my new sweater. Don't I look handsome?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Little Tweaking

As you can tell, I'm in the process of reworking this blog. It was kind of boring with the old layout so I'm trying something new.

On the left side of the page, I've put in little blurbs about each of the Fuzzies. As I create more tags for each of the kitties, I'll add those in as well.

Please let me know what you think.

Friday, January 02, 2009

I don't know why...

...but Nermle is fascinated with the toilet in the master bathroom. Every time I go in there, he follows me in and wants to jump into the toilet. It's quite bizarre.

Kukai is doing a bit better. I screwed up his appetite stimulant the other day giving him a whole pill instead of a half and the poor fellow was meowing all day long, sounding like he was in agony. He wasn't in any pain because when we would pick him up and start giving him attention, the yowling stopped and he would start purring. I think it was just his tummy going "I'm soooo hungry" and he just wasn't used to it. With the proper dosage, he is doing fine and is eating more. That is definitely a Good Thing. The bloodwork from the vet didn't show anything unusual besides an elevated white blood cell count but that is probably due from his head cold. Hopefully by next week he'll be in better shape.