Saturday, April 12, 2008


It seems that Mommy and the other Fuzzies have been neglecting this blog. I wonder why? It's bad enough Monkee got his own blog, but he hasn't been updated that either. Well, considering I've finally figured out how to work this darn computer thing, I might as well start updating it myself.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bailey and I am one of the older Fuzzies in this household. I won't divulge my age because no girl in their right mind would. I'll give you one hint: I haven't hit double digits yet in human years.

Hmph. It seems that Mommy does not have any recent photos of me. Now that's not nice. Here is one of me with Monkee. I'm the one curled around Monkee.

(clickify to make bigger)

I guess you can say I'm the Alpha Female of the household since I am the oldest one. The two older boys are definitely not alphas. Kukai would like to be but my paw is bigger than him and Boo is just...well...Boo is just too darn dumb. The Alpha Male is Loki. He's dumb too but he's even bigger than me. I guess size does matter in certain aspects of life.

I'll try to keep this blog updated though I can't promise anything. Mommy is going through a hard time right now. Her foot is still hurting her and she's grading papers. Since I'm her Bailey Baby it is my duty to keep her company and purr her to sleep at night.

~~ Bailey