Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bailey Budinsky

So there I was, about to enjoy scritches from the Daddy when this big fat grey blur goes in and takes the pets away. Big Baily Budinski came right in and got between Daddy's hand and my head. She literally took the pets away from me. Big meanie.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

(We're not sure which one Tao is in the group but he's in there)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Update on the Meezer

I got a few e-mails from the breeder over the past couple of days and she said that the little guy is doing much better. He's starting to eat on his own and is playing with the other kittens. Hopefully this was just a little setback to his growth and nothing more.

My husband and I have decided to name the little guy Tao. I wanted a Siamese sounding name and he thought it was rather ironic. You see, one of the reasons why we are getting the Meezer is to fill the void Kukai left when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years back. Ayla (of the Ayla the Grump fame) used to call him The Annoying One, or TAO for short. See the irony there? That's when we knew that Tao would be the perfect name for our new Meezer.

~ The Mom

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We'z Sorry

Da Mommy left on the vacation to visit our grandparents down in Florida and she forgots to give us access to da computer. We'z sorry that we haven't written in quite some time but now that da Mommy is home we can start blogging again. But we've got to wait a day or so 'cause we missed da Mommy soooooooooo much and wants to snuggle with her for a long time.

P.S. - Da Mommy gots some bad news from the breeder we're getting the Siamese kitten from. It seems the little fella isn't doin' too good. He's not growing like his brothers and sisters and seems tired all the time. Please put in some purrs and prayers for the little fella. We don't want nothing bad to happen to him.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update on the Feral Kittens

Yesterday, Mommy went to see the Really Nice Lady next door because she got the feral kittens from the shelter. Remember those two? The ones who bit and scratched Mommy up pretty good? They cleared quarantine so the Really Nice Lady was able to take them home and bring them to the V-E-T for their shots. The V-E-T said the kittens were about eight weeks old and were in pretty good health. The only problem was that they had the worms, but I think all kittens that have been rescued start out with the worms. I had worms too. Mommy is very glad to hear that they were doing so well. The Really Nice Lady named them Tippy ('cause he's black with a white tip to his tail) and Charlie.

The only problem now is catching the other two. They are living under Daddy's truck some of the time. Daddy won't drive his truck until they are caught which annoys him 'cause he doesn't like Mommy's car very much. The Really Nice Lady, though, has a scheme to catch them. She's gonna start putting Stinky Goodness inside of a really big cat carrier with the door open. Once they get comfortable going in there, she'll close the door using a really long rope. Hopefully it works. We don't want anything bad to happen to those cute kittens. If anybody has any other suggestions, we would appreciate hearing them.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today the weather is back down to something more seasonable so all the windows are open. The kitties are very, very happy now. Here are Stiggie and Chloe enjoying the view from my home office window.

~ The Mom

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Bear!

Mommy was woken up by the sound of an air horn this morning. That usually means one thing: a black bear. I gots to see the bear 'cause I was looking out of the window. It was really big and was eating the Really Nice Lady's bird food. I heard Mommy call Loki the "Loki-Bear" before so I figured that bears were the size of Loki but this thing was bigger than one of the evil vicious deer that we usually see outside. The Really Nice Lady used the air horn to scare off the bear so it was gone before Mommy could get any pictures of it. But trust me: it was HUGE. Makes me glad I'm an inside kitty.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tabby Tuesday: Meet Dharma

This is our sweet little tabby, Dharma. She was rescued from a local shelter when she was about six months old. It was right after the passing of our beloved (and grumpy) Ayla, and I really wanted another grey and white tabby cat. The shelter tried to pass her off as 12-weeks old--I guess to make her more adoptable--but we didn't care. It was love at first sight with her. Unfortunately, because she was feral, it took a while for her to warm up to us.

She is now three years old and is the spaz of the household. For such a tiny cat she can run very, very fast. She can make it from one side of the house to the other and from one floor to another in only a matter of seconds. It's quite impressive to watch. She has also embraced her inner tabby which means she can be a major mush when she's in the mood for it. It's hard to imagine that such a feral little kitty turned into a big lovebug.

P.S. In total, we have eleven cats so yes I guess that does qualify us as crazy cat people. >^..^<

Monday, June 06, 2011

Wow! We gots an award!

Thanks Sir Spitfire (aka Spitty the Kitty) for the award! We are humbled and honored to receive it. We love his blog and especially his interaction with his human.

Now since there are so many of us, it's difficult for us to tell just five things about us but we'll try our best.

1. Most of us are rescued kitties though Mommy does occasionally get a purebred. Her favorite breeds are the Maine Coons and Ragdolls as she loves big kitties. There are three Maine Coons and one Ragdoll amongst us. The rest of us are all rescued.

2. Daddy is actually allergic to us. It's kind of funny 'cause we think that by being in a house with so many kitties, he's developed a tolerance towards kitty allergens. Then again, as the Mommy says, he knew what he was getting into when he married her 'cause she already had five kitties at that time.

3. Our favorite toys in the whole wide world are crocheted catnip balls that our Mommy gets from the rescue group when they have adoption days. Even though the nip is old and probably worthless, we still love playing with them and enjoy the nip.

4. Even though there are so many of us, we all stay inside. Mommy had an outside cat once when she was a little girl and that poor fellow constantly got hit by cars (how he managed to survive all of the hits is a miracle). Because of that, Mommy made a promise that we would never go outside unless it's in a PTU (prisoner transport unit).

5. We all have our favorite spots in the house and you can usually find us there. Though when it's the humans sleepy time, we all pile up on the humans' bed with them and snuggle up at night with them. This drives Daddy nuts because he's "pinned" to one spot for most of the night but the Mommy loves it.

We'd like to share this award with two other kitty bloggers. The first definitely has to go to the Psychokitty who we think started it all. We all love Max and his dealings with his two humans and Buddah Pest. We also have to give one to Katnip Lounge who not only has more cats than we do but always manages to take some great pictures of all the kitties.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Formerly Feral Friday

It's ironic that today Formerly Feral Friday. You see, this morning the Mom saw a feral mommy cat and her kittens outside. Her neighbor, the Really Nice Lady, was feeding them. However, the mommy cat keeps the kittens on the other side of a busy street so our Mommy went to rescue them. She had never done anything like that before but managed to catch two of the kittens! They are about six weeks old and the neighbor took them to the local shelter. The Really Nice Lady brought them in so they could be quarantined as Mommy got bitten. One of the kittens put in a really good fight. Mommy now has to go to her V-E-T and get lots of shots just in case. She said it was worth it though. Saving the kitties was important 'cause she could never live with herself if one of them got hit by a car and the Really Nice Lady is going to adopt them once they get out of quarantine.

Here are a couple of pictures of them:

UPDATE: The Mommy is fine. All she needed was some antibiotics just in case the kitty bites gots infected. The kittens are at the shelter but don't worry about them. They just have to be in quarantine for ten days to make sure they don't have rabies and then the Really Nice Lady from next door will be adopting them. This made Mommy very happy to know that they are going to a good home where she can go and visit them.