Monday, November 28, 2011

Ham Goodness

Mommy was making a sandwich today and she gave us some of the ham left over from Thankgiving dinner. I never had ham before but I LOVE it! Daddy also gave us some of the fatty pieces and those were even better. We had to fight over them. Then while Mommy was sitting at her desk eating, she gave out even more ham!

Is today like some kind of holiday? If so, it should be celebrated by kitties around the world 'cause ham is really, really good.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Monkee Flinging Poo

Mom made me go to the V-E-T yesterday. I should've known something was up when she locked me in the bedroom for a bit and then carried me downstairs. Once I saw the PTU (prisoner transport unit), I knew I was in trouble. I put up my best fight but you see, I haven't been feeling too well. I've had bad poo. I mean really bad. Mom was really worried about me so she wanted to get me checked out. The problem? I didn't leave a stool sample for her to bring to the V-E-T. I'm sorry, I'm not a poo-on-command type of guy.

Anyways, when we get to the V-E-T, I didn't want out of the PTU. Who does? We all know what's coming next: poking and prodding and getting suck with sharp needle thingies. Well, when Mom finally got me out of the PTU, I was not going to hold it in any long and pooed all over the place. This included on Mom, the V-E-T and his assistant. Yes, you can add in a monkey flinging poo joke here. I'm sorry but my tummy has been acting up and I was stuck in a PTU for hours [mom: a whole 15 minutes]. At least they got the stool sample they wanted so badly. I got a good laugh out of it 'cause they were swearing up a storm at the mess and the stink. Well, that's what they get for tormenting me.

I've got to remember this trick the next time I'm forced to go to the V-E-T.

Mom: Monkee is doing OK. The vet thinks he may have a form of IBS and gave him a cortisone shot to treat it. We'll see how he's doing over the next couple of days. Ironically, for a boy with bad poops, he managed to gain weight.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Mommy said that today was a day of thanks and that we should think about the things we are thankful for. While there was some disagreement amongst us, we came up with a general list. Here they are:
  • Two humans who spoil us silly and give good scritches
  • Temptations treats (they are SOOOOO good)
  • All the cat toys, beds, and trees that are just for us
  • All of the brothers and sisters we have, even the annoying ones
  • A good home (most of us are no longer stuck in a shelter)
  • All of our friends out there who take the time to read this blog and put up with our sporadic and mostly crazy writing

We want to wish all the fuzzies and their humans out there (and maybe some doggies too) a very happy Turkey Day! Hopefully you'll all get some good leftovers to nom on.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

But Mooooom!

Tao: Mommy, why can't I go into the bedroom?

Mom: Because we're keeping Pookie isolated until we know for sure she isn't sick.

Tao: But I miss sleeping under the covers with you at night. And it's been really cold.

Mom: I know sweetie. I miss it too, but it 's for the best. I don't want the rest of you getting sick. Plus think on the bright side, you'll have a new playmate.

Tao: OK. But I wanna meet her!

Pookie is doing fine but we still need to get her stool sample checked to make sure she doesn't have any intestinal parasites. Though she was dewormed, we've had other parasites come in through rescued cats and we don't want it to spread to the rest of the household. We tried to bring in a stool sample to the vet earlier this week but her poops were so small that they dried out almost immediately and could not be used. Other than that, she got a clean bill of health from the vet.

I have slowly done some introductions between her and Tao. He really is desperate to get back into the bedroom so I've been letting him in for about five minutes at a time. There was some initial hissing between the two of them but as they are both young they seem interested in each other as potential playmates. I'll keep you all updated as things go along.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Welcome Pookie!

As some of you may know, when Phoebe passed it left a gigantic gaping wound in my heart. She was a very special cat who I knew could never be replaced. Bear and I did talk about getting another cat. He was against it, saying that we had "too many." He did have a point in that we aren't sure if we're giving all of the current kitties enough attention even though we do try. I had basically accepted the fact that we would not get another cat.

This weekend we went to the local PetsMart to get our weekly supply of food and litter when we saw that one of our favorite rescue organizations was there with kittens. They were just packing up for the evening when I spotted two white kittens together and my heart just did a flip-flop. We had had two white Maine Coons in our lives, Moose and Boo, and I terribly missed having a white cat in the house. These two little ones were adorable, curled up together in the back of the cage. However, before I really had a chance to look at them, they were put in their crates and taken away for the night. Bear said that we could come back the next day to look at them.

We got off to a late start on Saturday but I knew that if the Fates meant us to have another kitten, one of the white ones would still be there. When we got to the pet store, the little white boy had already been adopted, leaving the little white girl. This worked out well as I had wanted a girl kitten anyways. After spending time with her in the adoption room, Bear agreed that we could adopt her.

Saturday afternoon turned into a bit of a nightmare. We were keeping the kitten isolated in the master bathroom but somehow the other cats knocked the door open, eating all the kitten food, and making a huge mess. The worst part? I couldn't find the kitten. I was frantically searching the entire house looking for this poor little girl. She's only eight weeks old so she is just a little baby and I couldn't even imagine how scared she was. Eventually, I found her wedged underneath the radiator in the bathroom behind the litter pan. How she got under there was beyond me but I was so elated to have found her.

Yesterday went a lot better. She had overcome her fear and was now being a typical kitten with all that little kitten energy. We've been playing with her in the bedroom and she is a little lovey. We'll start integrating her in the house once she gets check out with the vet. We know she is feline leukemia negative and has had worm and flea treatments but it's always a good idea to have her checked for other problems just in case.

And we think we've decided on a name: Pookie.