Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're Back

Sorry about not writing for a bit. Mom has been crazy getting everything ready for school, then the humans went on vacation, and then the nasty Irene hit us. We're doing OK. Our town got some nasty mudslides and we got a little water damage in our living room but we're fine other than that.

We did get some great news from our nice neighbor lady. Remember the one who took in the two kitties Mommy rescued? She managed to not only catch the other two kitties but got the mommy as well. And guess what? The mommy gave birth to THREE little kitties! The nice neighbor lady is going to keep ALL of them which would bring her grand total to 12 kitties just like us. Mommy said that she'll post some pictures of the babies when she gets some.

The Mommy and Daddy did go on a really nice vacation up to Cape Cod and they brought me, Stiggie, and Tao with them. Stiggie and I need regular medications so we had to come and Mommy brought Tao along 'cause she couldn't be without her baby for a week. It ended up being a bad week for me. I got a weird illness that caused me to lose my motor control in parts of my body. It started in my neck, then my front legs. By the time it got to my back legs my neck was fine and my front legs were getting better. The Mommy and Daddy panicked and brought me to the V-E-T up there who wanted to order thousands of dollars worth of tests and send me to a specialist near Boston. We just couldn't afford all of those tests. What was the worst part was the V-E-T made Mommy and Daddy feel guilty for not doing the tests. They were distraught enough as it was but this was just plain mean. Mommy said to wait a couple of days as I was still eating and relatively happy (I was purring a lot). When she saw I was getting better she was relieved. I'm going to see Dr. Country Bob today (we wanted to go on Monday but Irene got in the way) so we'll see what he says.

Here is a picture of me curled up with Tao, enjoying our stay on the Cape:

Friday, August 05, 2011

Formerly Feral Friday

Here is our little Dharma sleeping away on my desk. We got her from a tiny, privately owned no-kill shelter around four years ago when she was just six months old. She was a very feral little kitten and we were afraid that she would never take to us. Little did we know that when she turned three she would turn into such a little cuddle monkey. It goes to show that even the most feral of cats can eventually open their hearts to love.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

We're Sorry

The mom has been really crazy with school and stuff lately which is why we haven't been able to write. She teaches two classes over the summer which are finishing up plus she was taking two graduate classes that she needed to complete her second master's degree. We'll get back to our normal silliness shortly.