Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're Back

Sorry about not writing for a bit. Mom has been crazy getting everything ready for school, then the humans went on vacation, and then the nasty Irene hit us. We're doing OK. Our town got some nasty mudslides and we got a little water damage in our living room but we're fine other than that.

We did get some great news from our nice neighbor lady. Remember the one who took in the two kitties Mommy rescued? She managed to not only catch the other two kitties but got the mommy as well. And guess what? The mommy gave birth to THREE little kitties! The nice neighbor lady is going to keep ALL of them which would bring her grand total to 12 kitties just like us. Mommy said that she'll post some pictures of the babies when she gets some.

The Mommy and Daddy did go on a really nice vacation up to Cape Cod and they brought me, Stiggie, and Tao with them. Stiggie and I need regular medications so we had to come and Mommy brought Tao along 'cause she couldn't be without her baby for a week. It ended up being a bad week for me. I got a weird illness that caused me to lose my motor control in parts of my body. It started in my neck, then my front legs. By the time it got to my back legs my neck was fine and my front legs were getting better. The Mommy and Daddy panicked and brought me to the V-E-T up there who wanted to order thousands of dollars worth of tests and send me to a specialist near Boston. We just couldn't afford all of those tests. What was the worst part was the V-E-T made Mommy and Daddy feel guilty for not doing the tests. They were distraught enough as it was but this was just plain mean. Mommy said to wait a couple of days as I was still eating and relatively happy (I was purring a lot). When she saw I was getting better she was relieved. I'm going to see Dr. Country Bob today (we wanted to go on Monday but Irene got in the way) so we'll see what he says.

Here is a picture of me curled up with Tao, enjoying our stay on the Cape:


Fuzzy Tales said...

It's nice to see an update! We're glad you're back--things have been busy for you all, and not necessarily in a good way. We're glad none of you was injured during Irene.

We're wishing you the best of luck and sending purrs for your visit with Dr. Country Bob today. It was terribly unkind of that other vet to make your beans feel guilty about not being able to afford thousands of dollars in tests, especially in that kind of panicky situation, away from home. We hope you can update us, though, after you see your own vet, if he has an idea of what this could be.

Paws crossed for you!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Thanks for the update, Phoebe, and purrs to you - that sounds like a scary illness! I am glad you got better enough to wait for your regular vet - he'll be much more likely to figure out what happened to you!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh your folks should never feel badly about that. We cats know that they love us to the bestest of their abilities financially and emotionally. We also know that vets don't always know as much as they think they do. I hope you are feeling better and stay better. We love that photo of you and Tao.

ABBY said...

Boo HIss on that Vet who made your Mommy and Daddy upset! We know that they were so worried and he did not help them At ALL!
We are so glad to know you are all ok and so happy to see you back. WE hope the Vet visit goes well with Dr Country Bob.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Oh I am so happy to see youse all! Purrs and purrs! That bad vet--as if the Humans have thousands and thousands of green papers just laying around!

I am glad to hear you are getting better. Purrs to efurryone!