Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's working

Last week, the vet recommended that we put Ayla on Prednazone (I know I'm spelling it wrong but I'm too lazy to get up to look for the bottle hehe). It's amazing the changes we've seen in her look and her behavior. She is eating more which is the most important thing. When the vet told me that she was just above 8lbs, when she had been 13lbs in her prime, this really freaked me out. The only cat in my household who should normally be that tiny is Kukai but he's a little runt.

I've also noticed other things: she's cleaning herself more, reminding the other cats what their places are, and scutching (spelling?). It's an Italian word that nobody I know of knows how to spell correctly (and I used to live in the town the Sopranos filmed in LOL). When she wants something, she gets very vocal to demand it. If that doesn't work, she'll get physical. For example, if I have a piece of cheese, she'll howl at me that she wants some. If I don't give it to her, she'll literally grab my hand with her paw and pull the cheese towards her, as if saying "well if you're not going to give it to me...." I'm just happy to see her back to her old behavior.

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Derby said...

Mom and Ayla,

Glad to hear that your drugs are helping you getted better. Life is more fun when you have energy.