Monday, June 01, 2009


Mommy just told us that we're all getting a bigger sleepy spot to share with her and daddy. They went out yesterday and said they got a king size bed and it's supposedly really, really comfy. I don't know if that's a good thing though. I like to snuggly right inbetween mommy and daddy at night. If the sleepy spot is too big I won't be able to touch them both like I can now. They'll just have to promise to snuggle with me at night that's all.



Shilgiah the Cat said...

Concatulations on the bigger bed...are all of you fuzzies going to sleep there with your humans?

My brother and I sleep with our mom but she makes Hope sleep in the study because she says she wouldn't be able to sleep with Hope pouncing around all night.

Poppy Q said...

Hi there gang. With 8 of you, your mum and dad will need a super sioze bed.

I share with my mum and am a nice and quiet sleeper.

Nice to meet you.


Leia said...

Oh dear! I visited so many kitty blogs and left my link, only to discover that I needed to CHANGE my blog location! If you have been kind enough to link me, please adjust it for me. If you have not linked me yet, I would love it if you would!

Do let me know if you link me so that I can link you as well!

Many Thanks!

LC, Ayla, and Iza said...

We have a King size bed too. It is great. Sometimes we all like ta sleep real close to (or on) The Big Thing but sometimes not. A big bed leaves options.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Our mewmie says when she wakes up in her king sized bed that she is pushed to the edge and we are all spread out and comfortable...