Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ooooh! Mommy gots me my own profile so I can blog on my own with my own name and stuff. Yippee! She says it's one of my Chrissymas presents so I don't have to fight with the grump for the computer. I feel so special!

And...and...and...what's really cool? Mommy and Daddy puts up the Chrissymas tree the other night and I got to play with it! Mommy said they weren't putting any ornyments on the tree 'cause she was afraid me and Monkee would try to break them, whatever they are. I don't care 'cause I'm having way too much fun chewing on the tree. It's really yummy.

And...and...and...Mommy said that Santa Claws is coming tonight. I don't know who that is but he's supposed to bring us presents and gifties and such. I hope I get more of those special catnip balls that Mommy brings home from the Kitty store. They are nice and soft so I can carry them in my mouth and they smell sooooooo good. I really likes them.

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