Thursday, December 29, 2005

People wonder why we had a very simple Christmas tree this year: we have two psycho cats that run around destroying everything.

This year, we put up the tiny tree because we were afraid that the big tree would get knocked down a lot. Smart move. So far--and mind you the tree has only been up since the 22nd--the tree has been knocked down four times. I'm so thankful we didn't put any ornaments on it, only lights. Even still, we manged to lose the star on top of the tree the second night, and I'm constantly catching the cats munching on the lights and the branches. What's worse? I've found pieces of the fake evergreen "leaves" in their poop. God. The tree is going down today, back into its box.

Oh...and by the way...Loki and Monkee have a new nickname for the pair of them: Doofi (pronounced doof-eye). It's the plural for doofus. It's like the plural for fungus is fungi. Doofus is Doofi. LOL.


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Mom says doofi is a great word. Harummph. We beg to differ. That's what WE call the people!

Fiona Bun said...

If you're gonna put it up - we're gonna chomp it down