Saturday, August 01, 2009

Is it normal...

...for female cats to get grumpier as they get older? I thought Ayla was a special sort of grumpy but now it seems Phoebe is embracing her inner grump as well.

For a while now, Phoebe has been getting very impatient with all the kittens. That I can understand especially when it comes to the "Doofi" (pl. for Doofus; namely Loki and Monkee). Last night, she actually thwapped at Bailey in bed. It was a classic Ayla-styled thwap with a loud "thump" as her paw hit Bailey's head. The smack was bad enough but she had the gall to do it with both me and Bear looking on. Bear and I just looked at each other and were positive she had just been possessed by the ghost of Ayla. However, this has been an on-going issue with her.

Is it common for female kitties to get grumpy as they get older?


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I don't know if they always get grumpier. She may not feel quite as well as she always did and that's something to have checked. Georgia actually mellowed so that she was less grumpy than she was when she was younger!

Shilgiah the Cat said...

I was gonna say that my little sister who is only a couple of years old is the grumpy one in our family. The vet said her teeth needed cleaning and that she might need a tooth extracted...I'm hoping she will mellow after that.