Thursday, August 13, 2009


I think we've finally decided on the name for the new kitten: Shadow. The little fellow seems to be responding to it which is what we wanted.

Shadow is settling in with the other cats. I think this was a record actually. A majority of the hissing lasted no more than about 24 hours. I was expecting at least a few days of adjusting. What helped, I think, was Loki accepting Shadow. Loki is the alpha cat of the household. Once he accepted him I guess the rest of the flock went along.

What is really funny is watching Nermle's reaction to Shadow. You can tell he's jealous about the fact that he is no longer the baby of the household and he wants to hate Shadow. On the other hand, you can see that he really wants to play with the kitten and have some fun. It's quite hysterical to watch. They start chasing each other and playing when Nermle will all of a sudden stop and run away like he was doing something wrong. I can imagine the little voice in his head going "I'm not supposed to like him."