Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Don't Mess With Your Kitty

Mr. Puddy has a great idea for a blog post: namely what way have us kitties gotten revenge on our humans. Being a household of many cats, we have come up with some creative ways of getting back at our humans for bringing us to the V-E-T or doing something stupid like ignoring us. Starting from oldest to youngest, here we go:

Bailey: Let me count the ways... First off, straight and simple - throw up a hairball in their shoes. If that doesn't work, the pillow is a good option. Second, you pee in the shower. The Dad really hates that one Third, bite their noses. Not the cute "I love you" type of nip but a nice chomp. That will get their attention. I do this to Mom a lot.

Phoebe: Sometimes I do fart or burp, BUT NOT ON PURPOSE. I love the Mommy and the Daddy! I'm a good kitty. :)

Fizzy: I don't like to annoy either Mom or Dad as they give me plenty of attention and don't drag me to the V-E-T very often. :) However, I do get annoyed when they only brush me a little. I love being brushed so when they stop I get sad and start mewling until the Mommy starts brushing me again.

Monkee: The one human I like to annoy the most is the Dad. When Mommy is not paying attention to me I tend to jump on top of him and stare at him until he finally pets me. Stealing food is also a good way of getting back at them.

Loki: I don't mean to annoy Mommy or Daddy either but sometimes I do have to fart. :(

Dharma: Nah. No point in bothering to annoy them. I'm like Fizzy so I'm in good shape.

Shadow: I get to annoy the humans? Damn. Must have missed the memo.

Nermle: I'm the cute one of the family (hence the name) so all I have to do is act really cute and force them to lay affection on me. It works beautifully. They have to stop whatever they are doing and pet me so it's a win-win situation. Also, I like to sleep by Daddy's feet in bed so that he's forced to curl up into a tiny little ball.

Tasha: Humans? I don't deal with them. They're too scary.

Stiggie: Definitely going with the farting bit. And taking space on the bed.

Chloe: Steal their food.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I like the way you take revenge. I personally like mine served cold and would hate to have my humans expecting it.

ABBY said...

You all have figured out the best way to get your points across!
We love it.

Mr Puddy said...

OMC !!!! Ha..Ha..Your one is intensive pay back !
A hairball on the pillow !!!! My mom would die if that happens to her

Thanks to share your story

PS : I would share this post on FB and Twitter..This story must go interweb : )

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

All I have to do is ignore my human and complain when she picks me up and that does it.

san said...

I wait until san has changed the bedlinen and then at 4 am, I throw up on it! That is my revenge for her giving me pills everyday.


Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Those are some excellent answers (though I think too many of you are too nice). And hey--what's with all the farting??? Ha ha ha--I gotta work on that.

We are gonna write about this later this week too :-)

(Can you believe my verification word is BRATIE? Ha ha--how appropriate!)

Mark's Mews said...

Good ideas. We will try those!

The Crew said...

Great work everyone!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

It's hairballs around here. Or Scooby barfing on the floor, but that's not revenge. He just eats too fast.

Lisa and Baby said...

We want to be sure and thank you for leaving kind words upon Jack's passing over the Rainbow Bridge. Our cat and cat-loving friends are helping us immensely in recovering from the loss. Baby has deeply grieved, but is doing much better with right attention and love.