Monday, July 11, 2011

Siamese Squee!

The breeder just sent us a new picture of Tao. Here he is with his brother and sisters. We're not sure which one he is besides the fact he should be the smallest. But look at those bat ears! Aren't they adorable?

He'll be coming home with us on the 16th and we're really looking forward to it. Not sure if the other kitties will be thrilled at first but I'm sure he'll integrate himself into the household quickly.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh look at those gorgeous Meezers!!! The woman is squeeing all over the place!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Is that the mom cat on the left? She looks like she's just about over being a mom cat - her expression reads: "My work here is done... thank goodness!"

Katnip Lounge said...

OMC! We cannot wait for Tao to come home...those ears are to DIE for!

ABBY said...

Oh they are all adorable!
Tao you sure are cute!

Abby purrs

Mr Puddy said...

This is really good teaser !!!! Which one is Tao ? Me and my mom keeps guessing and we can't wait to see him !

Tillie and Georgia said...

Look at all the sweet babies !!!!!!
They are all so cute,including Mama kitty :)
Can't wait to meet Tao :)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia

The Island Cats said...

What a cute group of kitties!!

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

OMC! The Human is squeeing and squeeing. She has never hadded a Meezer and now I think she wants one. I am her second House Panther, but the other one was a girl so she doesn't count.