Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tao Chillin'

It has been HOT here in New Jersey. On Friday, the thermostat read 109 degrees! However the Fuzzies have been keeping cool. Here is Tao chilling out on the bed in the nice air conditioned bedroom. He grew 1/2 pound in the week that we've had him (he's a whopping 3.1 lbs now). Luckily I was able to snap this picture when he was sitting still, something that rarely occurs.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some Good and Some Sad

The good news around here is that Tao came home this weekend. He is a tiny little thing, weighing only 2.6 pounds. However, he is making up for his size with his meows. He is quite vocal, running around the master bedroom chattering away. This has gotten the attention of the other kitties as they are not allowed in there for the time being. At least they know there is another kitty in the house. How it will go once the introductions are made is still in the air. But at the very least Tao is adjusting quite well and investigated every nook and cranny there is in the master bedroom. He is even sleeping with us at night which is very adorable.

We do have some sad news and it's the reason why we haven't written in days. My mother-in-law passed away very suddenly this weekend. It has hit the whole family hard and the kitties are doing their best to help us get through this rough time. It really is amazing how they know when we need some help and comforting. They are great animals.

~ The Mom

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Don't Mess With Your Kitty

Mr. Puddy has a great idea for a blog post: namely what way have us kitties gotten revenge on our humans. Being a household of many cats, we have come up with some creative ways of getting back at our humans for bringing us to the V-E-T or doing something stupid like ignoring us. Starting from oldest to youngest, here we go:

Bailey: Let me count the ways... First off, straight and simple - throw up a hairball in their shoes. If that doesn't work, the pillow is a good option. Second, you pee in the shower. The Dad really hates that one Third, bite their noses. Not the cute "I love you" type of nip but a nice chomp. That will get their attention. I do this to Mom a lot.

Phoebe: Sometimes I do fart or burp, BUT NOT ON PURPOSE. I love the Mommy and the Daddy! I'm a good kitty. :)

Fizzy: I don't like to annoy either Mom or Dad as they give me plenty of attention and don't drag me to the V-E-T very often. :) However, I do get annoyed when they only brush me a little. I love being brushed so when they stop I get sad and start mewling until the Mommy starts brushing me again.

Monkee: The one human I like to annoy the most is the Dad. When Mommy is not paying attention to me I tend to jump on top of him and stare at him until he finally pets me. Stealing food is also a good way of getting back at them.

Loki: I don't mean to annoy Mommy or Daddy either but sometimes I do have to fart. :(

Dharma: Nah. No point in bothering to annoy them. I'm like Fizzy so I'm in good shape.

Shadow: I get to annoy the humans? Damn. Must have missed the memo.

Nermle: I'm the cute one of the family (hence the name) so all I have to do is act really cute and force them to lay affection on me. It works beautifully. They have to stop whatever they are doing and pet me so it's a win-win situation. Also, I like to sleep by Daddy's feet in bed so that he's forced to curl up into a tiny little ball.

Tasha: Humans? I don't deal with them. They're too scary.

Stiggie: Definitely going with the farting bit. And taking space on the bed.

Chloe: Steal their food.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Siamese Squee!

The breeder just sent us a new picture of Tao. Here he is with his brother and sisters. We're not sure which one he is besides the fact he should be the smallest. But look at those bat ears! Aren't they adorable?

He'll be coming home with us on the 16th and we're really looking forward to it. Not sure if the other kitties will be thrilled at first but I'm sure he'll integrate himself into the household quickly.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

We had a couple of flies in the house the other day and I caught them and ate them. Mommy is now calling me the "mighty bug hunter." All I know is that flies are nummy.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Our Mommy says this is a really special holiday for us Americans. When we asked her why she said all of our freedom came from the sacrifices our ancestors made over two hundred years ago. Does this include freedom to eat all the Stinky Goodness we want? The Mommy said yes but she's mean and won't let us do that (something about us getting sick).

All we know is that this is the time for the really loud boomers. Our town had them last night but thankfully they were on the other side of town. This meant they weren't as loud or as scary as they usually are. Still, neighbors have been setting off boomers for the past three days. Hopefully after today there won't be any more.

Happy 4th of July everybody!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Here I am enjoying time on the Mommy's desk. It really is my favorite spot to hang out in, at least when it's clean. If it's not clean, I just knock all the stuff off of it to make it clean and give myself a proper place to lie down.

As you can see in the background, the Mommy is playing one of her silly video games. Why would she be playing games when she could pet me? I don't understand humans sometimes.

~ Chloe

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Belated International Box Day

OK, so we missed a really important holiday. The Mommy made up for it by placing a small box near the window in the kitchen so that way us kitties could look out the window and enjoy the box at the same time. Great idea Mommy! However, the minute she put it up there, Dharma jumped in and refused to leave all day. Mommy and Daddy both thought the box was a perfect size for her 'cause she's a really petite kitty. There was no way the Maine Coons were going to fit in that box though they would probably break it in the process of trying.

Doesn't Dharma look so smug in there?