Wednesday, November 30, 2005

LOKI: Ooooh I snuck on to Mommy's computer thingie. I've been watching the nasty grump type away and why should she have all the fun? She's a big meanie poo head.

Today I was a really good boy. Mommy was busy "drawing" this morning and I wanted to help her. I'm not really too sure what "drawing" is but it looks like she plays with this stick on a board. It must be one of the ways that she plays 'cause she does it all the time. So I got up near her board and helped her play with the stick. It was a lot of fun! And she's got this box full of all these other kinds of sticks and I went into it to pick out new sticks for her. She called me a "good boy" too and gave me lots of pets! I like helping Mommy.

This is fun. Maybe I'll try to sneak on it again the next time Mommy goes outside.

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Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

You are a good helper Loki!!! Keep it up!