Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Meow meow meow...we want food...meow meow meow."

I swear, if I could speak Cat, that is what the Fuzzies are chanting every morning.

It's bad enough I'm an insomniac, but if I wake up at say...oh...5am, all the cats think it's Feed Me time. They pounce on the bed, meow at me and my husband, and start spazing. Not fun considering I normally don't get up until 8am. I try to ignore them until that time but they make it very difficult to get back to sleep.

Our feeding routine is pretty silly. I have to feed the two kittens, Loki and Monkee, in the bathroom. Why? They are just furry eating machines. Not only will they eat their food, but they will eat the food for the other six cats, and then still want more! While I'm getting their food ready, they pretty much destroy the kitchen because of their spaz'ing. Then, when I start heading to the bathroom, the two of them tear right into it and sit on the toilet waiting for me to feed them. It is rather silly.

Next I feed the four middle cats. They are relatively behaved and civilized so they wait, quietly meowing until I put down the food, and they eat out of their own bowls.

The eldest two, Ayla and Kukai, get the special stinky food (aka Fancy Feast), so they get fed last and on the kitchen counter. If you walk by my kitchen when I'm feeding them, you would think I was torturing Kukai from the sounds that are coming out of him. It's this really horrible sounding "meeeeeeeeee-rrrrrrrooooow." What a big noise from such a little cat! Then, when I put the dish in front of him, he's still meowing but in a more pleasant way. It's like he's singing his praises to the stinky food gods in Japanese. Rather funny.

Ayla, on the other hand, is just plain loud. Both my husband and I are pretty sure she's lost her hearing over the years so when she meows, she MEOWS!!! Damn.

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