Monday, November 28, 2005

This was just one of those mornings that I seriously wished I had a basement to lock the cats in.

Darren had to get up really early this morning to go into the City for work but I planned on staying in bed until my usually wake up time. However, the kittens didn't seem to see it they same way. They saw it as "Mommy and Daddy are up....feed me...feed me...meow meow meow...we want food...meow meow meow." Normally I can ignore their pleas if I'm desperate enough for sleep (which I was) but then Loki started attacking my toes and then started spaz'ing with Monkee. The two of them got into everything and made a ton of noise and then proceeded to bite my toes again. Finally by 7:15am I gave up and fed them.

And, of course, they are all sleeping soundly now while I'm wide awake.

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